No MSG,Broiled Eel,BBQ Eel,Grilled Eel,Roasted Eel,Prepared Eel,Seasoned Eel

No MSG,Broiled Eel,BBQ Eel,Grilled Eel,Roasted Eel,Prepared Eel,Seasoned Eel

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Product Description

We are a reliable supplier of premium quality frozen roasted eel,frozen prepared eel,frozen broiled eel,frozen grilled eel,frozen BBQ eel,frozen seasoned eel,frozen farmed eel,Unagi Kabayaki,Unadon,Unagi sushi slices,Unagi flakes,unagi dices,Kabayaki Unagi,roasted eel sushi slices,roasted eel flakes,roasted eel dices,roasted eel unadon cuts,etc.

In 2009,we started to export frozen roasted eel fillets (Unagi Kabayaki) to Russia.Then we are expanding our business in more countries in the world.

Our advantages:

1.VARIOUS SHAPES: Besides roasted eel fillets,we can also supply roasted eel sushi slices,roasted eel unadon cuts,roasted eel flakes,roasted eel dices,etc.

2.VARIOUS PACKING STYLE: As per the clients' requirements,we can pack the products in IVP(Individual Vacuum Packages) or BULK .

3.YOUR FAVORITE TASTE: The flavour and percentage of the sauce,the style and time of the roasting can be adjusted according to the clients' favourites.

4.SMALL ORDERS OR MIXED LOADING: The small orders or the mixed loading with our edamame,mukimame,or dim sum (spring roll,samosa,etc.) are also welcome.

5.RELIABLE SUPPLIERS: Until now.we have more than 25 reliable suppliers in more than 5 provinces in China.All our suppliers must have ISO,HACCP certificates. Some of them have BRC,HALAL certificates.

With more than 15 years of experience & knowledge,we have grown to be one of the major suppliers of the premium frozen roasted eel (unagi kabayaki) in several countries.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Standards Certificate︰ HALAL/BRC/ISO/HACCP, with EU,Russian approval

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