Preserved Mushrooms in Vinegar,Champignon Mushrooms in Vinegar,slices/wholes

Model No. : SFVM
Brand Name : the buyers' brands

Preserved Mushrooms in SO2,Champignon Mushrooms in SO2,slices/wholes

Brand Name : the buyer's brand
Country of Origin : China

Preserved Mushrooms in Brine,Brine Mushrooms,Salted Mushrooms,sliced/wholes

Model No. : SFBM
Brand Name : the buyers' brands

Mandarin Orange Sacs in Syrup,Variety: Ponkan

Model No. : SFCF-SACS
Brand Name : the buyer's brand

Mandarin Orange Sacs in Syrup,Variety:Tangerine

Model No. : SFCF-MSACS
Brand Name : the buyer's brand

US $ 0.95

canned mushrooms,canned asparagus,canned bamboo shoots,canned lychees

Model No. : SFPF
Brand Name : SINOFROST,GREENSNOW;or the buyers' brands

Brine Shimeji mushrooms,Shimeji in brine

Model No. : SFPM-shimeji
Brand Name : SINOFROST;GREENSNOW;or the buyers' brands

Brine Pleurotus baby wholes,Brine oyster baby wholes

Model No. : SFPM-Pleurotus
Brand Name : SINOFROST;GREENSNOW or the buyers' brands